Marshmallow Leaf Tea Tobacco Substitute


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Marshmallow Leaf Tea Tobacco Substitute

We are now offering flavoured infused Marshmallow Leaves. Change your experience with one of these awesome flavours. 

Original, no flavour (available in 40g tub or 500g bag)

Birthday Cake (Vanilla birthday cake with a sweet whipped cream frosting), 40g tub

Blueberry Thrill, 40g tub

Cool Menthol (Cool Menthol is lacking in scent what it makes up for in sensation…so cool), 40g tub

Cotton Mouth (Cotton Mouth Candy is a sweet and fluffy cotton candy flavour), 40g tub

Mr. Bubble (Delicious bubblegum flavour), 40g tub

Strawberry Cough (Delicious strawberry flavour), 40g tub


Tasty Puff Flavoring is a concentrated flavour liquid. It does not contain any nicotine, it is a concentrated, unsweetened flavouring only. Tasty Puff  Flavouring can also be added to any e-liquid to enhance flavor at about a 10% ratio (6 drops per full tank of e-liquid). The ingredients in Tasty Puff Flavouring are approved for use in regulation of the FDA or are approved as GRAS on a reliable industry list and is made in the USA. Please see the Tasty Puff Flavour Drops page to view these products.

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