RAW Fakes

You don’t want to pay for authentic RAW papers only to find that you’ve been sold a counterfeit. We want to help you know when you’ve got yourself the real deal and when a fake has found its way to you. 

How do you know if it’s a fake? 

  1. There’s going to be a missing space between “a” and “blend” in the description when you open the papers. 
  2. You’ll also find a missing space between the words “moisten” and “gently” there too.
  3. The papers simply won’t be as good. They’ll be crinkly with a mediocre watermark and a bad burn rate.
  4. Yet another missing space will show you it’s fake. Look for the “32 leaver per pack” along the bottom of your papers and you’ll see no space between “leaves” and “pack” if you’ve been sold fake RAW.
  5. If you’ve got proper raw papers, there will be a start sheet included in your pack too. 

Don’t get caught out. Keep your eye out for counterfeits and make sure you’re always getting the RAWthenitc experience.

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